Our orchid hybridizing program is focused on providing quality hybrid seedlings of unique and novel character using award quality parents. We benefit from being a small hobbyist-driven nursery, and we are able to create speculative crosses that many large commercial nurseries shy away from. We occupy 4000 square feet of growing space dedicated to this idea.

Our Cattleya hybridizing program is directed towards developing fine standard and compact plants, with a special emphasis on C. loddigesii, C. harrisoniana, and their hybrids. A special emphasis is being placed on developing a standard pink Cattleya with a white lip – a "reverse semi-alba".

We are developing complex white and pink novelty multi-floral Paphiopedilums, using species from more than three sections in the same hybrid. This program is slow going, but will produce some dramatic and awarded plants.

We are working with the intergeneric Oncidiinae, hoping to produce heat-tolerant flowers of similar size, shape, and color as the cool-growing Odontoglossums.

With the production of many tetraploid seedlings and the use of non-traditional species, we hope to find ways around the genetic barriers that are common to these areas of hybridizing.

Please check in the "News & Notes" column for current offerings, prices, and what exciting hybrids are coming soon.

Speaking Engagements

I am an accomplished and entertaining speaker and educator. My experience as a grower, photographer, and orchid judge have given me an in-depth experience that I enjoy relaying to others. I have lectured for many orchid societies in Florida, for the American Orchid Society, and at AOS judging seminars. I am available to speak for your orchid society or photography club. Please contact me at blullamaorchids@aol.com for details and arrangements.

Photographer for Hire

I am available for commercial photography, AOS awards photography, and private and group hands-on photography seminars. Please contact me at lullamaorchids@aol.com for details and arrangements.